Death Goes Digital At

KUALA LUMPUR – Instead of becoming a fading memory after death, one can now choose to ‘live’ permanently in the digital world through, a tech company that specializes in digital legacy.

By combining the latest in technology, serves as a platform to preserve the digital information and memories of someone following their death.

This primarily includes photos, videos and messages that will be preserved in perpetuity for family, friends and future generation of the departed ones using state-of-the-art technology.

The startup offers four types of services such as the Digital Legacy Vault, Digital Legacy Library, Digital Legacy Centre & Digital Legacy Grave. founder and president Dato’ Dr. Devman Segar (pictured below) says that with today’s technology, one can leave behind a digital legacy that was intentionally created, planned and executed according to one’s own wish.

“Any messages for your loved ones after your passing can be carefully crafted and stored in our digital legacy vault with a nominated trustee,” says Devman.

He said the messages will only be unlocked upon one’s passing by the trustee and the contents made known for the intended individuals. 

“And for those who have lost someone dear, we want to help them honor the memory of their loved ones and symbolically work through their grief by providing that link to keep memories alive through our digital legacy library,” he said.

He said the digital legacy center (above sample picture) is a place to gather on the death anniversary or birthday of the departed ones so that family and friends can celebrate the life once lived by their loved one and keep the memories alive. The digital legacy centre will however, not be a place for funeral or funeral rites.

The first digital legacy centre is planned for opening in Kuala Lumpur in 2022.

Another interesting offering from the company is the digital legacy grave.

“Who says gravestones or tombstones should be dull and lifeless?” asks Devman.

“With our specially-designed QR Code (as pictured below) attached to graves, one simply has to scan the code linked to our central server to access the digital content on the deceased.

He says the QR tag will be laser printed on weather resistant plate and affixed on the ground or vertically at the headstone or other part of the grave or tombstone as per the wishes of family members.

“The QR Code that is linked with will exist continuously in memory of the deceased,” he said, adding that underpinning this innovation is the age-old desire to make our memorials to the deceased as meaningful and as befitting as possible.

“You might be gone one day, but you will never be forgotten. Your memories will live on continuously with in the world of digital legacy,” assures Devman. is a digital legacy company owned by Malaysian International Humanitarian Welfare Foundation.

For further information, please call 03-7971 0481 or log on to for more information.


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